Dear sirs!


"ORION-MOTOR" Ltd. is engaged in development linear and rotary synchronous motors on constant magnets and coordinate systems of a direct drive.


Motors and the coordinate mechanisms developed by our engineers, are used (applied or made) in Germany (firms Walter, Volkswagen, LAT, LST, INA), S.Korea (Samsung), Taiwan (Hiwin), the USA, Russia and Belarus (Ruchservomotor, Planar).


By present time new models of synchronous motors are made and successfully tested (linear and rotary motors LSM-06, RSM-05).

 Tests have shown, that our motors on the parameters are at a world level, and under the basic characteristics (specific force of driving and power, small thermal losses), – in 1,5-2 times is better than a world level.


Our interest will consist in the following:


 - Search of the intermediary or the partner for sale of the license for manufacturing of new synchronous motors of project ORION (a know-how for sale),

 - Search of customers on development of the design documentation on new synchronous motors and coordinate mechanisms,

 - Search of investors or partners for creation of joint venture on manufacturing synchronous motors and coordinate systems.

 - Search of partners for joint projects with application of synchronous engines, coordinate systems and systems of the electric drive.


With pleasure we shall answer any your questions.


Yours faithfully,


The main designer of a direction       


AIexander Mikhalev


220125, Belarus, Minsk, Uruchskaya street., 25A, office 409


 Ph.: +375 17 265 67 09

 Phone/fax: +375 17 266 82 08



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